Smarter Healthcare Software Systems

Harnessing the power of cloud-based computing and online networks, Opus 5K has created a suite of smarter healthcare software systems to deliver better outcomes for patients, healthcare workers and administrators.


Audit Solutions

Quickly and easily create dynamic online audit forms to capture accurate, quality data. Designed for use across desktop and mobile devices, users can eliminate paper forms and multiple data entry points. This results in reduced errors and more time for staff to focus on patient care, rather than patient paperwork.


Clinical Monitoring

Understanding past trends in patient outcomes enables healthcare providers to plan and implement better clinical strategies. Configured to individual indicators and control limits, data is analysed to identify potential breaches; should a breach occur, the system immediately generates an alert which is flagged for follow-up action.


Workforce Modelling

Ensuring your workforce capacity meets current and future needs allows your organisation to successfully achieve its objectives. By predicting future personnel demands and shortfalls, and running various planning scenarios, decision makers can develop effective recruitment and retention strategies with confidence and ease.


Patient Transport

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme currently requires numerous forms and tasks to be completed by multiple parties in various locations. OpTML creates a centralised hub where data can be entered once and accessed by approved government health departments, private practices, travel managers and finance staff for a streamlined process.

All of Opus 5K’s healthcare software systems allow for real-time reports, reduced data entry, ease of access by authorised users, and affordable scalability.

But more than that, these systems act as the central nervous centre for your organisation. Because all decisions and workflows are handled through the systems, they virtually come to life to orchestrate the activities of all users and, more importantly, proactively alert users to areas that require attention.

Rather than managers and staff spending valuable time to seek out items for follow-up or review, each system automatically sends email alerts to the relevant users when action is required.

  • VLAD sends email alerts whenever a hospital performs below expected levels.
  • MARS emails all relevant parties if an audit result is less than a set minimum limit.
  • WorkMAPP notifications are sent whenever an assumption used in a staff projection has been changed (eg. forecasts of population growth).
  • OpTML will alert users as soon as action is required to progress a patient transfer (eg. approval required).

Using a central data-base which automatically issues alerts based on conditions specified by the organisation ensures complete probity of process, minimising the chance of missed signals.

The result? Lower administrative costs, increased productivity, improved processes and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.

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