Simplifying healthcare workforce planning

“Plan future staffing requirements and workforce strategies with confidence and ease.”

Workforce software that plans for tomorrow

Managing existing healthcare staff and predicting future recruitment needs is essential for your organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. WorkMAPP (Workforce Mapping, Analysis and Planning Program) is a comprehensive software system designed exclusively to manage healthcare workforce planning.

Using sophisticated multiplier algorithms, WorkMAPP can accurately identify future recruitment demands and potential shortfalls by accurately tracking current staff activity and environmental changes. This equips decision makers with the right information to develop and implement effective recruitment and retention strategies both now, and into the future.

See first-hand how WorkMAPP takes the guesswork out of healthcare workforce planning.

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Core Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamlined access to information
  • Initiate workforce planning scenarios
  • Consolidate data for improved outcomes
  • Achieve enterprise-wide standardisation

Intuitive workflow management allows you to monitor and adjust plans for improved performance and productivity.

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Data need only be entered into the system once and is immediately available to all authorised users, regardless of location.

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Quickly and easily analyse the cost and impact of various scenarios, such as expanding or downsizing your organisation or various departments.

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With all workforce and service planning data readily accessible, decision makers can proactively identify and mitigate potential gaps in capacity and plan accordingly.

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Cloud-based technology allows organisations to easily implement standardised planning and reporting across the board.

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The right people, in the right place, at the right time

With healthcare workforce planning software providing intuitive data and insights, managing staff recruitment and capacity needn’t be a guessing game any longer. WorkMAPP allows you develop informed staff resourcing strategies, plans and decision-support frameworks with confidence and ease.