Advancing quality outcomes in healthcare

“Easily chart and interpret trends in patient outcomes to implement better preventative measures.”


Improving clinical monitoring and governance

The ability to review and compare actual performance outcomes against expected, risk-adjusted outcomes, provides the data and insight necessary to advance higher quality outcomes in healthcare overall.

VLAD CM (Variable Life Adjusted Display for Clinical Monitoring) has been specifically developed to provide crucial information signals for better healthcare outcomes. Once configured with your own indicators and control limits, VLAD CM calculates all incoming data to automatically identify potential breaches, which are immediately flagged for action. Authorised users can then cross-reference and review all data related to a flag to ensure appropriate follow-up action is taken.

This intuitive and timely system significantly reduces the risk of missed signals, which may otherwise lead to poor – or potentially fatal – outcomes.

For quality outcomes in healthcare and clinical monitoring, discover the ease and surety of VLAD CM.

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Core Benefits

  • Customisable parameters for swift action
  • Intuitive design improves clinical monitoring
  • Smart reporting for improved outcomes
  • Affordable scalability and easy usability


Configure indicators and control limits to trigger specific follow-up protocols and automatically route tasks to responsible parties for a swift and satisfactory outcome.

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User dashboards reveal critical information at a glance, while colour-coded flags allow users to easily identify patient outcomes and clinical trends.

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Users can drill-down into multiple levels of data to expose underlying indicators and relevant information. Tailored reports can also be automatically distributed to users based on their area of responsibility.

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Using secure cloud storage, local software installs and costly server systems are a thing of the past. Organisations can quickly and easily scale-up, as users can access the system via the internet from anywhere, at any time.

*Sample data only

Proven technology

Following a series of tragedies at Bundaberg hospital, Queensland Health was keen to improve outcomes in healthcare and clinical monitoring. After trialling the VLAD CM software and realising the ease-of-use and auditability, the system has been rolled out in more than 150 public and private hospitals across the state.

With intelligent design delivering better data to raise the bar in best practice, it’s expected that VLAD CM will revolutionise patient care by significantly reducing patient risk and the cost associated with avoidable incidents.