Streamlining the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme

“Multiple forms and tasks can be quickly accessed and actioned by all relevant parties.”

Introducing a single point of reference for PTSS data

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme was introduced by the Queensland Government to help patients access specialist medical services located more than 50km from their nearest public hospital.

From end to end, the scheme currently requires the completion of up to 9 separate forms, 11 tasks and input from at least 7 different participants across multiple locations. Managing this paperwork load and volume of transactions makes for a highly complex and decentralised process.

OpTML (Opus Travel Management Link) is an online solution which streamlines the entire process. This allows all forms to be completed through a single, easily accessible portal, eliminating the need for paperwork to be transferred between all the relevant parties.

Discover the ease of OpTML in streamlining the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme process.

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Core Benefits

  • Eliminate duplication of data entry
  • Automated workflow to speed-up process
  • Provide a central hub for all information
  • Reduces the chance of errors


With data stored in one central on-line location, information such as patient details need only be entered once, after which is it available to all subsequent parties involved in that patient transfer.

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Contributors can track tasks and authorisations in real time. Rather than waiting for physical paperwork to be presented, online information is relayed in seconds, allowing requests and authorisations to happen much sooner.

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Real time data is provided between government health departments, private practices and other parties participating in the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme.

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With multiple physical paper forms and multiple data entry points removed from the system, chance for error is reduced, along with overall processing time.

*Sample data only

Creating a faster, smarter system

OpTML’s fully flexible workflow system runs parallel with manual processes providing support for hospitals, specialists, travel managers, finance staff and, of course, patients.  Authorising officers don’t even need to log into the system to securely approve or reject travel applications – this can all be managed directly from their own email inbox.

Real time reporting provides a number of benefits such as patient tracking at a local level, identification of bottlenecks within the process, monitoring expenditure and many other metrics to measure efficacy.

It’s also possible to manage the end to end requirements of staff travel through OpTML, as it extends the same, secure automated functionality of the patient travel system for seamless operation across a single platform.