Intuitive healthcare data collection in the cloud

“Design, deploy and analyse across your entire organisation, in less than 24 hours.”

Measurement, analysis & reporting systems for healthcare

Making the right decisions to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes relies on the accuracy, quality and timeliness of the data you collect. MARS (measurement, analysis and reporting system) is a secure, web-based form builder purpose-built for healthcare data collection.

With the power to rapidly create dynamic forms to capture the exact data you need, you’ll experience greater efficiency, reduced end-to-end costs and many other benefits.

Our powerful analytic engine allows you to slice-and-dice data to create instant reports containing whatever information you require.

Improve the quality of healthcare data collection in your organisation with MARS.

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Core Benefits

  • In-depth data analysis in real time
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting
  • Configurable forms for better data collection
  • Flexible design and reporting options
  • Scale-up quickly and economically
  • Secure data – your security is our priority
  • Higher audit completion rates
  • Better support and buy-in from auditors


Real time data gives you the ability to identify and manage emerging issues before they become a problem.

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MARS allows you to set multiple alarms to monitor performance targets in real time. If anything reported falls below your tolerance limits, automatic notifications allow you to respond quickly.

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Data collected on one form can automatically trigger a follow-up audit form based on the information entered by the user. This ensures related issues are immediately identified, so potential problems aren’t overlooked.

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Forms and reports can be tailored to collect and collate only the exact information you need, giving you a clear snap-shot of your selected metrics at any time for better decision making.

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The cloud-based system allows you to grow and expand your capability with no more than access to the internet and a browser.

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Your data is safely stored on our high-security cloud servers, eliminating the need to worry about service availability, encryption, backups and recovery. Our servers are audited weekly by a professional security firm for compliance with Australian privacy legislation and international security standard ISO 27001.

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Intuitive design and access by any user from any computer or tablet device makes audits quick and easy to complete.

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Time is a precious commodity in healthcare. Data collection may not always be a priority, but the ease and speed at which MARS forms can be completed and provide feedback means auditors see the value of timely completion – especially in relation to improving healthcare standards and patient outcomes.

*Sample data only

Fully customisable forms made easy

No limits. No restrictions.

MARS gives you full control to build interactive forms tailored to your specific workplace needs and practices. You can add or remove fields, lists (dropdown, checkbox or radio button), rules and images. The form builder also comes with style libraries and templates so you can quickly and easily configure new forms that meet organisation-wide design guidelines.

Our clients are currently using the MARS healthcare data collection software to replace a range of paper forms, such as:

  • NSQHS audits
  • bedside audits and other related audits
  • patient election forms, including the capture of patient signatures
  • staff/patient satisfaction surveys
  • staff leave applications

MARS XChange – Online Sharing of Audit Tools

Clients also have access to the MARS XChange, an online platform that allows users to share audit designs. With large government and private sector organisations already on board, many collection tools are currently available, each proven by several years of user development in large-scale settings.

Healthcare data collection on the go!

Collecting information on paper forms, only to re-enter it all in a computer once back at a desk, amounts to a lot of wasted time and energy. Re-entering information also generates a greater risk of data error.

What if your staff could enter information on the go, just once, and that data was immediately available to everyone?

Because MARS is an online based software, accessible from any browser on any device, it’s now possible to collect and validate data at the source. As a bedside audit tool, this increases the reliability of data and creates a more efficient workplace.

No matter where your staff are – inside OR outside your organisation – they can log into MARS to enter data, access dashboards, review or cross-reference information and much more, all in real time!